Mentoring a Google Summer of Code project

So it seems a project I will be co-mentoring with David C. managed to slip in :-)

David already blogged about this here but I’d like to correct one thing, I don’t see Jaws as a framework per say, it’s not like ZF, eZC, symfony, prado or fellows … i.e. you can’t really rip a component out and use it in a completely other env. well for the most parts anyway, at least that’s how I see it :-) So it’s not yet another framework just like every single one of them.

Okey okey this all sounds a bit cryptic but at the moment I have no better words for it ;-)

Anyway what we want to accomplish with this whole project is to get PHP 6 a tad more real life testing, get the student to contribute bug reports, help doc new PHP 6 features and so on, even try to throw in couple of unit tests where they are missing.

It would of course been neato if we could focus only on those things but since it’s also about getting Jaws into somewhat decent state for PHP 6 then we’ll have to balance things a bit but since the student has expressed his willingness to continue developing that branch of Jaws then I don’t see anything that will stop him from continuing his help with PHP 6 in general (or lets hope so ;P)’

So all in all I hope that this project will be of benefit for both the PHP community at large as well as the Jaws one but only time will tell.


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