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September 14, 2007

Planet PHP and blog submissions

So it seems all the Planet PHP admins have been quite busy lately, when I logged in the admin interface for the planet I was greated with buttload of submissions, the queue was literally full :-o

So I set aside sometime to finally work through the queue, weed out all the spam links and bullshit blogs and making sure all the entries I accept are valid and won’t break the planet or any feed readers (well hopefully I managed to do so ;P), additionally I tried to make sure that the entires on each blog were worthwhile so I read an entry or two on every blog but I soon ran out of coke and only skimmed over most of them, bad Helgi! I know :-/ This process took me nearly 2 and a half hour, including lunch and now we only have 4 blogs in the queue, all due to the fact I couldn’t find a feed that worked on their site (yes I did have to look at some of the sites to find a valid feed, not fun!)

So, we finally have people like Chuck H, Steph and her weeklies on planet-php (again actually), seems her submission got lost in the huge queue else I would have accepted her weeks ago, we can’t be without her weeklies now can we!

Anyway now we have a lot of new faces (and some old ones that finally decided to blog) and hopefully we’ll see great posts from them in the future but well if any of these newcomers starts to spam the planet with posts that you guys feel shouldn’t be here then ping me in the usual places and I’ll do something about it, all to keep you peeps happy I guess :-)

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July 18, 2006

The Zend devzone blog

After having accepted the Zend devzone blog to Planet-PHP without checking how often per day they post nor rememering it then I got complaints that it’s polluting the Planet-PHP feed, granted people could filter it out and what not but I thought that to be too much hazzle so I decided to remove it, just subscribe to the devzones feeds: (RSS) (Atom)

My apologizes to everyone! :-/

One thing I must add tho, the devzones blog seems a bit useless, it’s mostly only 2 or 3 line entries pointing to other external entries which are more often than not also on Planet-PHP tho it does have some longer articles, there, had to get this thought of my cheast :-)

Cal, maybe if you put tags on the longer and … more interesting posts so that we can use that tag to subscribe Planet-PHP to that :P

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July 17, 2006

News about Planet-PHP

Been a while since I blogged but here I go, I’m now one of the people that handles the blog accept/reject on Planet-PHP and as is Pierre in addition to Toby and Christian S. (if there are more people then excuse me for my ignorance)

One exciting thing has already happened to Planet-PHP since I joined, Christian Stocker added a new way to submit your blog to Planet-PHP instead of the old and somewhat crude way of sending email (they often get lost, forgotten, etc.), behold the new way of life: a very simple form where you provide essential information so that we can decide if you shall prevail and be amongst the star or fall hard on your head ;-)

We have already gotten 2 submissions via the new form so people seem to be picking up on it but if you’ve emailed us before and haven’t been added then please submit via the new form and you’ll be added for sure (well if your blog is PHP related, just read the FAQ on the site if you are in doubt :P) and also if you know of any good ones then I’d say that you should also submit those since we’re always interested in getting in good material.

So well, submit away! :-) And kudos to Christian to making this even easier for everyone.

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