The Zend devzone blog

After having accepted the Zend devzone blog to Planet-PHP without checking how often per day they post nor rememering it then I got complaints that it’s polluting the Planet-PHP feed, granted people could filter it out and what not but I thought that to be too much hazzle so I decided to remove it, just subscribe to the devzones feeds: (RSS) (Atom)

My apologizes to everyone! :-/

One thing I must add tho, the devzones blog seems a bit useless, it’s mostly only 2 or 3 line entries pointing to other external entries which are more often than not also on Planet-PHP tho it does have some longer articles, there, had to get this thought of my cheast :-)

Cal, maybe if you put tags on the longer and … more interesting posts so that we can use that tag to subscribe Planet-PHP to that :P

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One Comment to “The Zend devzone blog”

  1. Hi Helgi,

    I think you have a good point. I’ll work with the Zend Developer Zone to create a feed which only contains original content which would be more suitable for



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