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March 28, 2008

Google Summer of Code has arrived, again

Summer of code is around the corner and I hope to mentor again this year, last years experience was a blast.

Anyway we’re looking for some kick as students to apply to the PHP project so get your ass to the google summer of code page and apply your awesome mega cool idea :-)

If you lack ideas what to submit then head to for some ideas but we welcome new ones, so don’t be afraid about being bold.

This year we’ll be accepting PHP core ideas (internals of PHP it self), php infrastructure (websites and such), PHP-GTK, PEAR, PECL, PHPUnit and SimpleTest … Hope I’m not missing anything, but anyway if you are interested in ANY of those projects then please go a head and read the wiki to get a general idea of things and then make up a idea of your own.

Students can start submitting their applications to projects, the deadline is 31 March so get a move on people! I want to see YOUR applications in there or I’ll be hunting you down.

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December 9, 2007

Got my GSoC 2007 T-Shirt Part II

OKey so I talked about getting some pictures online of the t-shirt and also of the envelope since they managed to get my name right :) Amazing I tells you

Anyway here’s the envelope with my proper name! Envelope

And now the t-shirt: Front Back

The white balance is way off but hey, I had a shitty camera and I’m no Derick when it comes to cameras :)

Anyway just wanted to post these pics in case someone wanted to see what the t’s looked this year.

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November 20, 2007

Got my GSoC 2007 T-Shirt

So I finally got my GSoC 2007 t-shirt delivered at home, by finally I mean it has taken more than the usual shipping time from the USA and it’s a beauty, extra price on top of all the enjoyment working with Igor this summer.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find my digital camera to show case this nifty design they produced, I especially liked the design on the back … I shall try to snap of some pictures very soon and post for those that haven’t seen those beauties ;)

One interesting thing, Google managed to print my name correctly on the delivery envelope, which is kinda of a huge thing, even the Thorn and the funky O thing in my name … I still haven’t seen ANY company outside of Iceland do that, I had heck of a fun experience when I when to the states for the MS Web Summit ’07 but more on that in another blog post.

Update: Sara summed it up quite well here about both her naming problems with companies as well as mine :P

Spelling nonsense

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August 12, 2007

GSoC 2007 Mentor

For those that don’t know already, I’m a Google Summer of Code 2007 mentor for one Igor Feghali on this project.

I must say I just totally forgot to blog about it so bare with me ;-)

Anyway this project is a pretty exciting one for couple of reasons, one thing being that I use MDB2_Schema in just about everything I do at the moment and I was a little involved in the whole thing when Lukas Smith was heading it or so I like to believe *crosses fingers*, another is that I’ve always enjoyed working with Igor, a feisty young fellow he is and constantly has some new ideas and another major factor is that the DBAL in ezc uses the XML format MDB2_Schema has as well as a project called Doctrine (well at least it did use the MDB2 code as base so I’m hoping they also used MDB2_Schema) and I do hope at least ezc will sync with these Forgein Key additions :-)

Since I’m blogging about this so late in the game then I think it would take me all night to jot down everything Igor has done so instead I encourage everyone to just head over to his blog and read about it there even tho recently he was added to planet-php, Igor has done a terrific job of keeping me up to date via his blog as well via emails/IM but the gist of it and the important things are on the blog anyway.

Looks like we made a good decision about picking Igor and it seems that he will manage to finish his project second year in a row! :-) Hopefully he’s up for a hat trick next year ;-)