GSoC 2007 Mentor

For those that don’t know already, I’m a Google Summer of Code 2007 mentor for one Igor Feghali on this project.

I must say I just totally forgot to blog about it so bare with me ;-)

Anyway this project is a pretty exciting one for couple of reasons, one thing being that I use MDB2_Schema in just about everything I do at the moment and I was a little involved in the whole thing when Lukas Smith was heading it or so I like to believe *crosses fingers*, another is that I’ve always enjoyed working with Igor, a feisty young fellow he is and constantly has some new ideas and another major factor is that the DBAL in ezc uses the XML format MDB2_Schema has as well as a project called Doctrine (well at least it did use the MDB2 code as base so I’m hoping they also used MDB2_Schema) and I do hope at least ezc will sync with these Forgein Key additions :-)

Since I’m blogging about this so late in the game then I think it would take me all night to jot down everything Igor has done so instead I encourage everyone to just head over to his blog and read about it there even tho recently he was added to planet-php, Igor has done a terrific job of keeping me up to date via his blog as well via emails/IM but the gist of it and the important things are on the blog anyway.

Looks like we made a good decision about picking Igor and it seems that he will manage to finish his project second year in a row! :-) Hopefully he’s up for a hat trick next year ;-)

One Comment to “GSoC 2007 Mentor”

  1. Hello Helgi!

    Thank you for all your kind words. It was also great to work with someone clever and so nice like you. I really enjoyed the work we have done together moreover I am ready to the next year ! ;)

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