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April 23, 2005

Getting my wifi card to work on linux. (My old laptop)

Note: This is my old laptop now!

Getting this wifi card working has been hell, a real hell I tell you.

I own a Aspire 1511LMi laptop, a true windows only laptop from Acer but why did I buy such a windows only laptop when I’m a linux user ? Well I simply didn’t think too much about it when I bought the laptop, I had chosen a totally different laptop for that matter, a MSI one tho I really doubt that had made my linux experience any better really ;-)
But when I finally went to buy the MSI laptop it was out and I really needed a laptop, so I just took a very similar laptop, except it was 64bit AMD which was okey since I knew my OS, Fedora Core had a 64 bit version so I just went for it, plus I got a dvd burner in this one, not the MSI one.

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April 23, 2005

Jaws developer and 0.5 "She's Famous Now" release of Jaws

So, I’ve joined yet another open source project … And I have enough of them on my back as is ;-) The project is the CMS/Framework Jaws and can be found at

Why did I join yet another OS project and why did I pick that one ? I’ve been hearing good things about Jaws and how simple it is and I really needed to find a very idot proof CMS to run a site for the company that pays me my salaray (which is not the company I work for, complicated but so it goes ;)) and that company mainly has building construction workers, I don’t doubt the guy that will be maintaining the site, he’s very eager to learn new things but I just don’t have time to teach him and since Jaws explains it self very well I think he’ll manage just fine …

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April 21, 2005

Require Source Version Control in PEAR ?

Before reading this, do note that nothing has been agreed in regards to those actions described below are only my thoughts on this matter :-) Have fun reading!

NOTE All comments were lost due to a move from s9y to dotClear back in 2005, just look at the pear-dev archives from 2005 :P

Until now the PEAR project hasn’t required developers to use a SVC for their code (CVS, SVN and etc.) which has led to couple of problems and short comings for us, for example, maintainers just disappear and we are left only with the code in a .tgz form, possibly a very outdated version … HDD crashes (at the developers computer) and the most recent code that hasn’t been released is just *poof* gone … We have a difficult time monitoring the development that could led to spotting problems sooner and also we have a harder time running automate QA tasks.

This issue was discussed a bit on pear-dev and everyone seemed to agree that requiring people to use SVC isn’t too much to ask.

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April 19, 2005

Little bit of everything

I just took the “What kind of American English do you speak” test just like Joshua Eichorn just did, even tho I’m not a native english speaker nor do I speak it a lot but seems I speak/write a mix of everything :-) Well hell, the PHP/OSS world seems to understand my rants so it okey I guess ;-)

Your Linguistic Profile:

60% General American English
30% Yankee
5% Dixie
5% Upper Midwestern
0% Midwestern