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April 23, 2005

Getting my wifi card to work on linux. (My old laptop)

Note: This is my old laptop now!

Getting this wifi card working has been hell, a real hell I tell you.

I own a Aspire 1511LMi laptop, a true windows only laptop from Acer but why did I buy such a windows only laptop when I’m a linux user ? Well I simply didn’t think too much about it when I bought the laptop, I had chosen a totally different laptop for that matter, a MSI one tho I really doubt that had made my linux experience any better really ;-)
But when I finally went to buy the MSI laptop it was out and I really needed a laptop, so I just took a very similar laptop, except it was 64bit AMD which was okey since I knew my OS, Fedora Core had a 64 bit version so I just went for it, plus I got a dvd burner in this one, not the MSI one.

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April 23, 2005

Jaws developer and 0.5 "She's Famous Now" release of Jaws

So, I’ve joined yet another open source project … And I have enough of them on my back as is ;-) The project is the CMS/Framework Jaws and can be found at

Why did I join yet another OS project and why did I pick that one ? I’ve been hearing good things about Jaws and how simple it is and I really needed to find a very idot proof CMS to run a site for the company that pays me my salaray (which is not the company I work for, complicated but so it goes ;)) and that company mainly has building construction workers, I don’t doubt the guy that will be maintaining the site, he’s very eager to learn new things but I just don’t have time to teach him and since Jaws explains it self very well I think he’ll manage just fine …

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