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May 6, 2005

Blog comprimised

So my s9y blog got defected, by a person called FD, who ever that is … Luckly that person(s) didn’t touch my database so I thank him/her/them for that, but on that note, why can’t people just use emails when this kind of things happen?! Why do they always have to show of what they did and replace some stuff ?!?!

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April 23, 2005

Jaws developer and 0.5 "She's Famous Now" release of Jaws

So, I’ve joined yet another open source project … And I have enough of them on my back as is ;-) The project is the CMS/Framework Jaws and can be found at

Why did I join yet another OS project and why did I pick that one ? I’ve been hearing good things about Jaws and how simple it is and I really needed to find a very idot proof CMS to run a site for the company that pays me my salaray (which is not the company I work for, complicated but so it goes ;)) and that company mainly has building construction workers, I don’t doubt the guy that will be maintaining the site, he’s very eager to learn new things but I just don’t have time to teach him and since Jaws explains it self very well I think he’ll manage just fine …

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