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March 24, 2007

Where are web apps heading ?

Updated: Here’s a link to DOM Storage that’s a little bit easier to read compared to the WHATWG one :)

I just finished reading this excellent article by Matthew Gertner of AllPeers that gives people a fair idea on how the applications world might look like in the next 5 years or so.

In retrospect he hit the nail straight on the head but I think he down plays the web app future just a tad because frankly I think that’s the future, since probably none of the big players will come through and get anything widespread enough compared to a web browser without having some serious drawbacks.

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March 24, 2007

I'm back, once again :-/

Update: dotClear 2 doesn’t seem to be smart when it comes to excerpts and feeds, it doesn’t do the “continue reading X post” just shows the whole post in the feeds and uses the excerpt on the actual blog, doesn’t seem like best solution so sorry about seeing the whole post on Planet-PHP :/

So I’m back, again sigh I always seem to manage to have my blog taken down for X amount of time and then come back 6 months later or so.

I finally decided to upgrade my blog to dotClear 2 and a worthwhile upgrade that was, I’m freaking loving it :D I’m even using the default theme and it’s sooooo pretty just big hurray to the theme designer.

A lot of things have happend since I last blogged (18th July 2006, sheese), I moved, changed jobs, pulled away from PEAR, pulled back into PEAR etc etc etc.

I’ll make couple of separated posts about various issues I’d like to share with everyone :P

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