I'm back, once again :-/

Update: dotClear 2 doesn’t seem to be smart when it comes to excerpts and feeds, it doesn’t do the “continue reading X post” just shows the whole post in the feeds and uses the excerpt on the actual blog, doesn’t seem like best solution so sorry about seeing the whole post on Planet-PHP :/

So I’m back, again sigh I always seem to manage to have my blog taken down for X amount of time and then come back 6 months later or so.

I finally decided to upgrade my blog to dotClear 2 and a worthwhile upgrade that was, I’m freaking loving it :D I’m even using the default theme and it’s sooooo pretty just big hurray to the theme designer.

A lot of things have happend since I last blogged (18th July 2006, sheese), I moved, changed jobs, pulled away from PEAR, pulled back into PEAR etc etc etc.

I’ll make couple of separated posts about various issues I’d like to share with everyone :P

So here are the less important details, I moved, only about 600m to a tad bigger appt, quite nice, bought a bigger bed, big ass LCD screen, had a girlfriend or three since my last blog post, the usual, had connection troubles since I moved (January) so I haven’t been able to partake in many open source activites to any real extent but things seem to be calming down beside the fact that the ISP is using a backup line to the outside world so I’m like a JOJO on IRC/IM as some might have noticed all due to some drunk Russian captain sailing over some cables with his fishing troll and cutting the cable.

As to my job situation, around May last year I just had enough of computer, my last employer was so energy draining that I just called it quits and got a job at a warehouse (Esso Iceland if anyone is familiar with Esso, originally part of StandardOil, i.e. StatOil), yes you heard me … a warehouse! Physical work, not much computer work and I must say it has been sweet, I’ve worked with a warehouse/finanace system called Concorde which is quite old, DOS stuff, we have to run an emulator (XAL iirc) to use it on XP :)

But man does it work, pretty efficient monster running on Oracle and best of all it’s all keyboard controlled, you can’t use a mouse in it! Just arrows and tab to move around.

Before anyone starts thinking I took a step back by moving away from computers to such a laymans work then I must say, just go and try it, it gives you this extra set of energy you need and working at a warehouse (at least this one) can be a good body workout, plus you get to play with booking bills, handle returned items (thankfully I never see the complaining customer, I just evaluate if it’s actually broken, if the gas station can return this even if it’s not broken, etc) put in new goods into the warehouse and even sometimes order shipping containers from shipping companys, handle the drivers we have and fun fun, yes as some with warehouse knowledge might have noticed, yes I do not do the boring task of finding the goods in the warehouse and shipping it to customers, that’s soooo boring, one battery of this kind, 2 of the second type and etc. :)

Anyway just wanted to rant a bit about more … well none PHP related things.


3 Comments to “I'm back, once again :-/”

  1. You’re welcome back, once again ;-)

  2. About the summary, use the excerpt.

  3. Pierre: I did, just doesn’t work for feeds (view source here and look for excerpt, there’s a div there somewhere) I suppose it’s allright, the only people that will be annoyed are the people using planet-php view ui :-)

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