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I’ve been following a little Firefox extension that Daniel Glazman has been writing for the past weeks called Fullscreen.

What it does it do enchance the fullscreen experience people get by pressing F11 and thus making the usage of online apps like GMail much more, well, readable :)

The idea is that it the ext gets rid of the location/toolbar + tab bar when you are in fullscreen (opposed to what the default behaviour in FF is) plus you can configure couple of things, like wether to show the status bar or not, how close the mouse has to be near the edge to popup the toolbars.

ctrl + l gives you the location bar, ctrl + k gives you the search feature but oddly enough I haven’t gotten it to work yet but well I’m on linux (fedora) using the fedora shipped FF so go figure :)

Anyway do give it a whirl, download it via the mozilla addon page

Just a short note in the end, this could be a great way to give your clients a better way to fully use the screen, give them something to go “woooww” about :) If you get them to use FF + this ext that is

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3 Comments to “Useful Firefox extension”

  1. its OK, unfortunately not exciting.

    With 19 or 21 ” monitors… who cares about that extra inch?

  2. Would be nice if it was actually full screen on the Mac. By true fullscreen I mean no apple menu bar, no buttons, no navigation of any kind. Some people probably call this kiosk mode, but I use it all the time for presentations. Still the only way I have found to get that is by using the Saft plugin for Safari.

  3. Rasmus: I haven’t tried it on Mac, haven’t really used fullscreen at any rate because the toolbar and friends, on linux it works exactly like Saft, I suspect Daniel hasn’t yet done any real work on Mac, perhaps all he needs is a poke to do it :-)

    I’d like to see you take a 19″+ monitor to a conference or tell your client that they need to upgrade their monitor just to fully use the potentials of your application but hey that’s just me ;)

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