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December 12, 2005

People and feature requests.

Update: Apperently some people lost their sense of humor along the way, so to make it clear, this was meant to be more of a joke post than serious! :-) Just like the bloody last sentence says (in a way).

Who hasn’t gotten a utterly stupid feature request before ? Or even a request that you constantly say no to. This is just bound to happen if you help maintain a open source project (probably even more so in a commerical entity)

Well I have found the perfect answer to such requests with the courtesy of the yum wiki

No. Just no. If you don’t like it, go have a conversation with yourself about it. Alone. At home. In your closet.

I’ve even been pondering about adding this as an answering option in pear/pecl/php bug system, I can just see Jani doing the happy dance if this kind of thing would ever be added. ;-)

A slightly modified version of this quote could even be used on reports like this one:

All jokes aside, I had a good laugh when I read this quote and the bug report :-)

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