2011, PHP Advent and First-Class APIs

And here we are, 2011, excitement in the air and all that jazz! It’s looking to be a great year ahead of myself and my company (echolibre). I’ll be speaking at a few conferences this year such as PHP Tek and writing articles for various magazines and online publications – I already have 2 slated for PHP Architect and as a bonus I will be publishing my old PHP Architect articles and columns to this blog in the coming days :-)

On the subject on online publications, last December I wrote an article called First-Class APIs for the PHP Advent Calendar – A topic I enjoyed a lot writing about. But I wanted to take a minute to thank my two good friends Sean and Chris for taking their personal time to bring the whole thing together. Editing articles, cat herding writers and generally being awesome for helping the PHP community to be even beter. If you have never read any of the articles that get published on PHP Advent then head over there right now and read up on them! I’ve been privileged enough to have an article up there the past 3 years and hope I get to write for them again this year :-)

Seems they don’t have any way on the website it self to go back years so here you go: 201020092008

Anyway, I just wanted to get my blog rolling for 2011 and here’s hoping I can keep up a real blogging schedule at least for the first part of the year! :-)


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