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October 15, 2009

ZendCon 2009

I just wanted to give everyone heads up on the fact that in a few days I will be flying over to San Jose to give 2 talks at ZendCon 2009.

I will be presenting Frontend Caching – The “new” frontier, which is all about how to squeeze the most performance out of your frontend and I will also give PEAR2 & Pyrus, the look ahead where I will talk about where PEAR2 stands currently and how the new PEAR installer is progressing (e.g. Pyrus) and how it will revolutionize your life.

Both of those talks I have given before on couple of occasions, where they have gotten good feedback from the crowed and I have been tweaking them along the way, so I hope everything will be in tip top shape for the ZendCon crowed! :-)

I would link directly to the descriptions of my talks but apparently S&S do not know how to make websites that are usable so I can’t without digging in deeper than I want to bother with! Sorry!  Just go to and browse the agenda to see the descriptions of my talks and many other great talks.

I hope to see you guys there!


As Chris of the and fame pointed out, you guys can see the description for my talks at :)

Also you can use that to give me feedback and rate the talk after I have given it, I would very much so appreciate that.