Changing Jobs

As the title suggests, I will be changing jobs very soon. I have decided to leave Ibuildings UK and my last day will be Friday the 13th of March, scary isn’t it ? :-)

I have accepted a job at echolibre, a company based in Ireland, where I will be heading up R&D, among other things, in addition of taking up part ownership, where I will be working along side great people like David Coallier and Eamon Leonard. If you are looking for a great company to take care of all your PHP needs, then contact us to get further information ;-) </shamelessplug>

I look forward to this opportunity and am very excited since I will be able to spend a whole lot more time on my open source projects than I have for the past 6 months, as well having more time for other side projects, such as writing columns and articles for php|a, a book and other exciting new things on the horizon (Keep tuned on this blog!). This new position will not mean a decrease in my conference attendance, so fret not – I will still come to the usual conferences and spread my joy all over the place and paint the town red!

I got a great office space in Soho, London for when I start at echolibre, so if any of you web people are located in the area, DM me (@h) or drop me an email if you’d like to talk business over drinks or just general farting about.

I would like to thank all my co-workers at Ibuildings for a great time the last couple of months and all the best in the future.

A co-worker of mine of Ibuildings UK Arpad Ray decided to leave at a similar time as my self to venture back into the contracting business, so congratulations are in order ! If anyone needs good developer than contact Arpad


8 Comments to “Changing Jobs”

  1. Good look! I know you and David gonna do great apps

  2. Congrats with the new position! I enjoyed your presence at Ibuildings and I’m sure we’ll continue to share the occasional beer at conferences or phplondon meetings :-)

  3. It’s a shame to see you and arpad leave. You are cool guys. Good luck in your adventures. I’ll see you at a conference here or there ;)

  4. Ahw such bad news on the monday morning :( Too bad you guys are leaving. Good luck with your new jobs!

  5. Awesome. Looking forward to see what next from planet @h.

  6. Cool to see a new Irish company taking on talent :)

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