The secret sauce to Obamas success is …

Now that Obama has finally won I think it is time to reveal the secret sauce in his campaign – PHP & PEAR – according to this article a LAMP stack was used to create the Obama site where PEAR was extensively used, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, ohh and really proud :-)

This just goes to show the Obama campaign picks the right tools for the job, and further they pick tools that no corporation controls, which quite reflects what Obama is all about – at least the little I glanced over the whole presidential election thing. The same can not be said about MaCain (read the article)

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5 Comments to “The secret sauce to Obamas success is …”

  1. The really important thing was that he used for live broadcasting. :) If somebody needs such a technology on his site mail me (

  2. Whoaah, I’m proud either that Obama using PEAR on his site. But I have no idea who has won or lose gah :S

  3. I think that’s the kind of info, I’d like to see on ;-)

  4. He is using expressionengine now so still lots of Php heading to the white house.

  5. Hey Helgi, Silverlight was used to stream the Democratic Convention :)

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