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September 14, 2007

Planet PHP and blog submissions

So it seems all the Planet PHP admins have been quite busy lately, when I logged in the admin interface for the planet I was greated with buttload of submissions, the queue was literally full :-o

So I set aside sometime to finally work through the queue, weed out all the spam links and bullshit blogs and making sure all the entries I accept are valid and won’t break the planet or any feed readers (well hopefully I managed to do so ;P), additionally I tried to make sure that the entires on each blog were worthwhile so I read an entry or two on every blog but I soon ran out of coke and only skimmed over most of them, bad Helgi! I know :-/ This process took me nearly 2 and a half hour, including lunch and now we only have 4 blogs in the queue, all due to the fact I couldn’t find a feed that worked on their site (yes I did have to look at some of the sites to find a valid feed, not fun!)

So, we finally have people like Chuck H, Steph and her weeklies on planet-php (again actually), seems her submission got lost in the huge queue else I would have accepted her weeks ago, we can’t be without her weeklies now can we!

Anyway now we have a lot of new faces (and some old ones that finally decided to blog) and hopefully we’ll see great posts from them in the future but well if any of these newcomers starts to spam the planet with posts that you guys feel shouldn’t be here then ping me in the usual places and I’ll do something about it, all to keep you peeps happy I guess :-)

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